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⚾️ 11 questions Justin Su’a asks every 365 days

How he makes every year better as a performance coach for professional athletes

⚡️ Estimated read time: 2 minutes 13 seconds.


He pitched for the BYU Cougars’ baseball team back in the early 2000’s.

He’s since hopscotched his way from doing performance coaching for:

  • Army Soldiers at SAIC,

  • Elite athletes at IMG Academy,

  • Then on to the MLB’s Boston Red Sox,

  • Cleveland Browns in the NFL,

  • And now the Head of Mental Performance for the MLB’s Tampa Bay Rays

But there’s nothing he’s known more for than his uncanny ability to take even the most high-performing humans in the world from self-doubt and losing streaks, to soaring confidence and winning championships.

So who better to listen to about how to make next year better than this year?

My mom recently heard Justin speak at a private corporate training where he shared the 11 questions he answers at the end of every year.

Cause at the end of the day…


We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience.

John Dewey


So without further ado, here’s Justin Su’a’s 11 questions to ask yourself before 2023 is over:

  1. What am I grateful for this past year?

  2. What hard things did I overcome this year?

  3. What did 2023 teach me?

  4. Who positively impacted my life this year?

  5. How am I different from the person I was in January of 2023?


Anyone who isn't embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn't learning enough.

Alain de Botton


  1. What relationships do I need to strengthen in 2024?

  2. What do I need to start doing this next year?

  3. What do I need to stop doing this next year?

  4. What do I need to keep doing this next year?

  5. What’s one small thing I can do to get 1% better every day?

  6. What’s my “why”?

I’ll be asking my wife these questions in our car ride today.

If you can set aside some time this week, you could knock ‘em all out at once.

Or, just pick 2 a day til New Year’s.

Either way, I hope you take a moment to reflect on your last 365 days so you can go a little wiser and a little more intentionally into 2024.


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Try it

Go ahead! Grab a spouse, sibling, or friend to talk through the 11 questions.

Too personal? Journal about it… or go on a walk and talk out your answers to yourself.

11 questions seems too overwhelming?

No stress - Justin coaches athletes to use just these 3 questions after every game, win or lose:

  1. What did I do well

  2. What did I learn

  3. What am I going to do tomorrow next year

And they’re fantastic questions, athlete or not. 🙂



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My 4-year-old: When’s the next holiday?

Me: New Year’s

Her: No, like when’s the next HOLIDAY?!

Me: Yeah sweetie, it’s New Year’s

Her: You’re just saying two words, I wanna know the next holiday!

Me: That’s the name of the holiday!

Her: I don’t even know how you’re talking!!!



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Happy New Year!

- Kody


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P.S. This took 5 hours to research, write, and design. It only takes you 5 seconds to share.

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