🫃Ed Sheeran got fat. Then lost 50 lbs.

here's how...

For years, Ed Sheeran had been

  • Eating way too much

  • Drinking way too much

  • And staying up till 3 am most days

Then his wife was pregnant with their daughter Lyra.

"As soon as Cherry told me she was pregnant, life shifted, in terms of work and health and what I was putting into my body, be it food or alcohol" -Ed

He knew he couldn’t keep living the same life and be the kind of dad he wanted to be.

He did something unheard of in the music industry: started working 9-5 (instead of 6pm-6am).

While he didn’t quit drinking altogether, he started drinking only a fraction of what he did before.

And who doesn’t love a burger? But he started eating just one BigMac instead of two.

50lbs later, he looks 10 years younger.

Clearly it wasn’t easy though...

Especially if the bad habits have been going on for years… or decades.

Ed found his “why”.

In his case, quitting his bad habits for his own sake wasn't enough motivation.

But knowing it was the only way to be the father he wanted to be kicked him into gear.

It's as simple as that...

Find a “why” you’d do anything for, and you'll be surprised what you can become. (And no, you don’t have to be expecting a child!)

Ask yourself things like:

  • Who would I become if I did ___ every day?

  • How would my life improve if I lived this way?

  • How would my friends and family's lives be better if I become more ___?

You know you’ve found it when you can’t get it out of your head.

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

George Elliot

I take my glasses off

her: "Daddy why did you do that?

I don’t like that.

You look like a crazy man.”