📱Is your digital bedroom a mess?

And the technological magic of tidying up

When's the last time you organized your digital bedroom?

About 2 weeks ago, I was hanging out with my friend Stephen.

He wanted to race me in playing that day's Wordle puzzle. (spoiler: he crushed me)

After swiping through 7 pages of home screens to find my shortcut to Wordle, he about lost it! He couldn't believe the pages and pages of apps I had.

I didn't want to delete them all though...

Within seconds, he reminded me how on iPhones you can long press on an app and tap "remove from home screen". (don't worry - a quick google search will find you a way to do this on android as well)

Basically, it means you can still find the app (by searching for it or swiping right to access your app library), but it doesn't take up space on your home screen anymore.

It took me a full week of 5 minutes or so every day to get cleaned up.

Why? Because just like sorting through a box of old keepsakes, I had to pause at every single item and ask, "What value does this provide for me?" and more importantly, "Is this an app I want and need INSTANT access to?"

In some cases (like social media or games), it was a strategic decision to remove them from my home screen so that it requires more effort to find (making it less likely I'll use it as often).

In other cases (like scriptures, books, and Notion), it was a strategic decision to put them on my home screen (even though they weren't there previously) specifically because I want to find myself using them more often.

But when I finally finished and texted Stephen a screenshot, I got this reply as his stamp of approval: "Dude what a transformation! It's like your phone's lost 20 lbs."

It went from 7 pages of well over 100 apps, down to a half page of apps and a few widgets. (plus the app library at the end, of course)

Take a peek yourself:

Take a few minutes today organizing your phone.

  1. Delete apps you don't need.

  2. Remove from the home screen whatever apps you don't need as often.

  3. And decide which apps you want more easily accessible to promote the other habits you're trying to build (i.e. journaling, learning, sharing).

Then comment below and tell me how it went 😉

When we really delve into the reasons for why we can't let something go, there are only two:An attachment to the past,or a fear of the future.

Marie Kondo

When I was eating ice I thought, I should eat that because I very like ice!

Thanks for reading!

- Kody

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