📝 7,665 things Shiree Best is grateful for

and how you can be just as grateful (and happy)

On July 11th this year, I received an email from Jeff Mann - one of my readers.

He let me know Habit Examples had played a key role in inspiring him to start his own newsletter after talking about it for a year. (felt like a proud dad moment)

Just 4 months later, Jeff’s newsletter is one of my absolute favorites.

He has this incredible skill of pulling you in with 3 seemingly totally unrelated, fascinating true stories… then brings them together beautifully for an insightful takeaway at the end. It’s a blast to read every time.

Jeff didn’t ask me to promote him - I literally just can’t help but share because I love it so much.

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Shiree Best


My friend Shiree has been writing 3 things she’s grateful for every morning for 7 years.

The second I heard this, I thought “how on Earth do your eyeballs not melt out of their sockets in boredom?”

I mean, literally the first Habit Example ever was about the study that found most people who attempt gratitude journaling every day actually become less happy, because they get bored.

But after talking to Shiree, I think they (and I) were just missing one crucial piece to the puzzle.

A challenge.

To never write down the same thing twice.

Again, I was a bit dumbfounded.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for a lotta things in my life.

But 3 unique things she’s grateful for every morning for 7 years equates to 7,665 things.

Back in college I remember being in a funk for a few weeks. I challenged myself to write 100 things I was grateful for and gave myself a whole week.

And that was hard!

So again, I had to ask, “Shiree, be real - how have you listed 7,665 things you’re grateful for and not repeated a single one?!”

Here’s what she said:

The secret to not repeating what you are grateful for is to make it very specific.  I.e. "I am grateful for the enlightening conversation I had with so-and-so yesterday".  "I am grateful that I saw my neighbor struggling with her groceries and was able to jump in and help", "I am grateful that you (God) blessed me with the right words for my email on setting intentions".... you see how that works?  When we notice God in the details of each day and express gratitude it makes repeating practically impossible! 

That's the secret.

Simple, yet powerful.

So whether you simply wanna try listing out a few things you’re grateful for each day like Shiree, or you wanna be better at expressing gratitude to people you care about… specificity is king.


You will never be happier than you are grateful.

Gary B. Sabin


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Try it

  1. Decide ahead of time WHEN during your day you are going to do it.

  2. If you are a list person, add it to your daily list, and check it off when done.

  3. Have someone hold you accountable.  Report daily or weekly.

  4. Don't give up when you are not perfect at it.  No one is.  Remember that it is like a toddler learning to walk.  You get better and better with practice.  Continue with this until you feel it is part of you.




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- Kody


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