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  • 💪 My friend Chris lost 80 lbs in 2023. Here’s how.

💪 My friend Chris lost 80 lbs in 2023. Here’s how.

And how you pay for your health choices sooner or later

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Now, enjoy this week’s Habit Example!


⚡️ Estimated read time: 2 minutes 24 seconds.


Chris Peña and I met 10 years ago when we were both serving 2-year missions for our church in Honduras.

But before becoming a missionary, Chris ranked in the top 500-ish badminton players in the world.

Chris Peña badminton

He was a pretty darn athletic guy.

In fact, he’s the first person to ever get me to run more than 2 miles! (in the blistering Honduran heat and humidity, no less)

But tragically just a few years after completing his missionary service, his dad passed away from diabetes, and Chris plunged into anxiety and bad habits.

He gained 100 pounds.

Chris Peña weight gain

In his words:
“It’s not that I was fat, it was that I had let myself become fat.. and I was better than that.”

So what got Chris to finally make the change?

“I had some bad experiences where I failed in business, and it hit me that I could literally lose everything in my life… but at the end of the day the only thing that people can’t take away from me is my body.

I also wanted to change before I ended up with diabetes or cancer.”

So in order to force himself to take action, he invested $7,000 in the best nutritionist in Utah.

He shared with me:

“That was a lot of money up front for me… it was painful.

But how often do we buy a new house, a car, a watch, vacations… but we complain about how we’re still unhealthy!?

So instead of investing in all those other things, I chose to finally invest in my body.”

I’m totally guilty of throwing money at things that are way less important than my health.

Is it inherently bad to spend money on things like homes, cars, clothing, vacations, phones, laptops, etc?

Of course not.

But does it make much sense that we’re willing to spend possibly hundreds of thousands on those other things throughout our life…

…but not spend at least equally as much time, money and effort on improving our physical health?

I love what Chris said here:

“Whether you choose to be healthy or not, you’re going to pay for it sooner or later.

You can spend hours in the gym now, or hours in the hospital later.

You can spend money on your health now, or spend money on treatments and doctor visits later.

You can deal with the pain now of exercising your body to it’s breaking point, or deal with the pain later of not being able to lift up your kids or grandkids, not be able to do the hobbies you love, or even deal with the literal pain of obesity and disease that comes with it.”

And one year after he started, it’s all paid off.

Chris Peña before & after

Did Chris need to spend $7,000?


But nothing else was getting him to act, so for him, it had to be that painful.

And in the end, it was all worth it.

The best part is, it isn’t the end for Chris… it’s just the beginning.

Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only, not to be interpreted as reccomendations for you, or anyone, specifically. Please consult with health professionals before making significant changes to your diet or exercise plan.


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Try it

What time, money or resources are you currently spending that could be redirected toward investing in your physical health?

  • Trade your Netflix subscription for a gym membership

  • Go for a 10-min walk instead of scrolling TikTok

  • Instead of buying the new iPhone, hire a personal trainer

  • Do push-ups during commercials instead of staring at the screen

  • Swap out junk food in your shopping cart for a healthier foods you wouldn’t normally splurge on

There’s no one-size fits all. Wherever you’re at right now, pick something small but meaningful you can do this week to take a step in the right direction.



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Thing I never thought I’d say before having kids:

“Can you love me without licking me?”



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- Kody


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