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🐙 9 shocking facts (but they're really timeless truths)

spunky ideas for building better habits and becoming truly great

Started listening to Drive by Daniel H. Pink today (shoutout to my mom for letting me use her Audible!)

Fascinating book. I’d say “highly recommend” but I’ve barely read the first chapter… so… read, if you dare, I guess… 😂

Also wanna give a huge thanks and shoutout to Tom Greene again for sponsoring this week’s Habit Example!:



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Nine months ago I wrote a post sharing 9 weird facts, followed by hot takes on how each one might relate to building habits. Round 2 came about 6 months ago, and round 3 came in back in January.

Some of you have said they’re your favorite, so here goes round 4!

#1 - Bananas are berries, but strawberries are not.

Hot take: Just as botanical classifications can defy our usual expectations, sometimes the habits that benefit us most are not the ones we initially think of.

Rethink your assumptions about what is beneficial in your personal and professional life to find true value.

#2 - Octopuses have three hearts.

Hot take: In life and habit formation, sometimes redundancy is beneficial.

Just as multiple hearts in an octopus ensure survival under stress, layering multiple strategies for achieving your goals can ensure success even in challenging times.

(Like making it simple, starting with just one, and leveraging catalytic mechanisms)

#3 - France was still executing people by guillotine when the first Star Wars movie was released.

Hot take: Progress doesn't always happen universally across all areas of life. When developing new habits, remember that old not-so-good habits may simultaneously coexist with new good habits, and may need to be addressed differently.

#4 - The world famous Sydney Opera House took 10 years longer to build, and cost $95M more than was budgeted to finish.

Hot take: Most things take substantially longer, and/or end up being multiple times more expensive than you think.

Planning a trip to the grocery store? Spoiler alert: It’s not gonna be “just a minute”.

Planning a trip to France? Play it safe and budget for at least 5x as many crepes as you think you’ll eat. Trust me.

#5 - Honey never spoils.

Hot take: Like honey, the core principles of success—such as persistence, hard work, and integrity—are everlasting.

Building habits around timeless principles ensures they never lose their value, no matter how much time passes.

#6 - A group of flamingos is called a "flamboyance."

Hot take: Just as groups in nature have unique identities, the people you associate with can influence your personal habits and success.

Surround yourself with a 'flamboyance' of supportive, positive individuals who encourage your growth.

#7 - The Eiffel Tower can be 15 cm taller during the summer.

Hot take: Just as the Eiffel Tower expands in heat, you can “take the heat” life sometimes brings you to fuel your own personal growth.

Embrace the heat of life's challenges to become better - not worse.

#8 - The shortest war in history was between Britain and Zanzibar on August 27, 1896, and lasted 38 minutes.

Hot take: Conflicts don’t have to be long, ruthless and ugly.

Taking decisive, empathetic action can resolve things quickly and get everyone back on track.

#9 - Bubble wrap was originally intended to be used as wallpaper.

Hot take: Innovation often comes from unexpected places.

An idea born for one purpose may be 10x more effective when pivoted toward another.

Be open to adapting your strategies in unexpected ways to create effective habits.


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Try it

Consider just one of the ideas you just read.

Is there some way this principle prompts you to do something different in your life?

Write down the thoughts that come to your mind and make it your intention to live this new idea, at least for today.

What’s your favorite random fact? Hit reply and let me know!



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Me: So do you like your room better messy or clean?

My 5 year old: Clean. Actually, I like my room X-Ray.

Me: Um… what?

Her: Yeah, it’s a word I made up that means I did a good job cleaning my room.



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