🦩 9 bizarre facts. 9 habit building concepts.

Marilyn Monroe, Venus, and Flamingos

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Several months ago I wrote a post sharing 9 weird facts, followed by hot takes on how each one might relate to building habits. I did it again here about 3 months ago.

Some of you have said they’re your favorite, so here goes round 3!

#1 - Kangaroos can’t walk backwards. They have no problem jumping up to 30 feat in a single leap, though.

Hot take: Don’t compare your own worst habits to others’ best.

Your best habit to their worst would be an equally unfair comparison!

Just keep in mind we’re all at different points on an infinite continuum of personal progress.

#2 - Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth were born the same year. They even met once in October 1956 at a movie premier in London.

Hot take: Just like we incorrectly assume Queen Elizabeth must’ve lived much longer ago than Marilyn Monroe, our perception is probably off about a lot of other things too.

Ask more questions.

Question our assumptions.

Study things out before making big claims.

Seek first to understand rather than to convince.

(By the way, we make this mistake because Marilyn Monroe died at only 36, so all the photos we see of her look much younger than most of the photos we see of Queen Elizabeth who lived to 96 years old)

#3 - The first computer mouse was made of wood.

Hot take: “You don’t have to be great to get started. But you have to get started be great.” - Les Brown

#4 - There’s more fake flamingos in the world than real ones.

Hot take: There’s also more fake people than real ones.

Curating flawless lives on social media, pretending to be nice in person but are jerks behind closed doors, or obsessing over becoming someone they’re not.

Be one of the real ones.

#5 - Mark Twain was born on the day Halley's Comet appeared in the sky and died on the day it returned 75 years later.

Hot take: Stop waiting for the stars to align before starting starting that habit you’ve been putting off.

It just might mean your demise!

#6 - 55 Cancri E is a planet made almost entirely of diamonds. It’s 8 times the size of Earth and 40 light years away.

Hot take: If there can be a diamond planet in our Universe, you can build habits that right now seem beyond impossible.

#7 - The Pistol Shrimp snaps its claw so fast it creates cavitation bubbles in the water, reaching temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun and traveling 62 miles per hour for a brief moment.

Hot take: How many other shrimp species in history decided to try shooting supersonic plasma bubbles at their prey?


Don’t be afraid to try something no one else is doing.

It just might be way more effective than anything anyone’s ever tried.

#8 - The Great Wall of China was built over a period of more than 2,000 years.

Hot take: Be patient.

Most of the greatest things in life take sustained effort over long, LONG periods of time.

#9 - A year on Venus is shorter than a day on Venus. It takes Venus 225 Earth days to orbit the sun, but it takes 243 Earth days for it to rotate on its axis.

Hot take: What is obvious, common sense, and perfectly familiar to you may be entirely foreign and backwards to someone else.

Your efforts to understand others’ perspectives more deeply will pay off tenfold.


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Try it

Ponder the concepts you just read.

Is there any in particular you could set the intention to improve this week?

Write down the thoughts that come to your mind and decide on one new action you could take today to get started.



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