💪 11,860 push ups

and 3 key takeaways for building tiny habits

My daughter learned how to ride her bike without training wheels last night!

Major “proud dad” moment 🙂 

Enjoy this week’s Habit Example!


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Today I did my 11,860th push up since starting to do 30/day just 12 months ago.

Here are 3 quick takeaways I’ve learned from this experience:

  1. Tiny habits might feel slow day to day, but they become huge accomplishments faster than you’d expect.

30 per day doesn’t seem like a lot.

But would it surprise you to realize that with just 30/day, you’ll hit 1,000 push ups in about one month?

And you’ll hit 5,000 push ups in just about 5.5 months?

Too often we underestimate the impact of things like reading 1 page/day, or going to sleep 15 minutes sooner, or eating slightly smaller portion sizes.

It’s true, in the day you do these things… they ARE small.

But stick with it for weeks, months and years and those tiny habits become mountains.

  1. Make your habits so simple, you feel silly NOT doing them.

Doing 30 push ups literally takes less than one minute.

It’s so ridiculously doable, that even on nights when I don’t remember until I’m already laying in bed, I feel like it would be straight up dumb to not get out of bed and do it.

It’s just so simple and fast, why would I not?!

If you’re struggling to do a particular habit, try to simplify it down to the most basic form that feels silly not to do.

Of course, you can always increase once your habit is consistent. But getting the consistency first is the magic of it all.

On that note…

  1. Increase your habits in small steps over time!

Halfway through the year, I switched from 30/day to 35/day.

This difference resulted in 880 more push ups happening this year.

No joke, the equivalent of 5-10 seconds of more work per day amounted to almost 900 more reps in just 6 months.

How much more could you do by adding the tiniest bit more to your tiny habit when you’re ready to?


My challenge to you?

Do daily push ups.

This isn’t some high level ethereal theory…

Literally just pick a number, even if that number is 1, and start doing them every day.

Do it first thing in the morning, as a break during work, or after brushing your teeth.

Whatever works.

I truly believe you will feel ever so slightly more confident, more accomplished, and yes, stronger — even just doing a handful of push ups every single day.


Major credit to Polar Habits for helping me track my daily push ups, and to Dylan Redekop who first inspired me to do it!

How many push ups are you going to do? Hit reply and let me know!



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