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What Socrates and Plato want you to know about life

Finally got our garden planted last week! It never ceases to amaze me how water, sunlight and a tiny seed become a living organism within days.

Blows my mind every year. 

Also, my friend Irena Spegar featured me in the Sunday With section of her (freaking awesome) newsletter, The Boonly.

Check it out here to see how I spend my Sundays!


9 years ago I stood in front of 6,000 people on the same stage as Taylor Swift, Coldplay, and Ed Sheeran.

Technically none of them were there at that exact moment… 😅 

But I had personally seen each of them perform on this stage, and now here I was - speaking at the Vivint Center in Salt Lake City for my high school graduation.

In honor of all those graduating right now, here’s the first 2 mins of the speech:

2,350 years ago, there lived a teacher named Socrates, and a student named Plato.

One day on the beach, Plato asked his teacher, “You are so wise, so successful… how can I ever become as great as you?”

Socrates puts his arm around him, and guides Plato to walk out into the ocean.

As they walk the water goes from ankle deep, to waist deep, to neck deep…

…Plato wonders what they’re doing. He wanted to learn how to be wise, not how to swim!

Just then, Socrates shoves his head under water.

What in the world is he supposed to be learning from this?

The seconds tick by, and he needs air.

He starts to hit, kick and fight his way to the surface for a breath of fresh air.

But Socrates holds him down - so long in fact, that Plato blacks out.

Socrates drags his body to the beach and resuscitates him.

The second Plato comes to, he accuses Socrates of trying to kill him.

“No - if I were trying to kill you, you’d be dead.”

Plato shoots back, “Then what’s all this about?!”

Socrates calmly replies:

“When you desire success like you desired that breath of air, you shall have it.”



If you’re struggling to build a new habit at all, try picking something you already love like the air you breathe, but you’ve been neglecting for whatever reason.

Doing things you love, whether in work or at home, will:

  • bring joy,

  • spark creativity,

  • and releive stress

…better than you can imagine.

The more you enjoy something, the easier it is to stick with it as long as you’ll need to in order to master it.







(We get in the car after a couple hours at the water park)

Her: “This is my best life EVER!”



Thanks for reading!

- Kody



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