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simple is not easy.

Usually, I have a funny story or something cool to share from this last week.

To be honest, it’s pastmidnight and I’m just not sure what to share this time 😅 

Speaking of being out of the ordinary, I invited my buddy Jack Friks to write this week’s habit example. I think you’ll love it!


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Habit Example


If you’re any bit human then there’s a strong chance you’ve run into a wall of progress when trying to get better at anything in your life.

maybe you hit a wall trying to be more fit

maybe you hit a wall trying to get better at a certain skill

maybe you hit a wall trying to be a better overall and more joyful human

no matter the wall, there is always some simple advice that you could probably follow and get all the results you want.

but here’s the thing… well two things, two buts… (no cheeks)

First: Simple is boring, you don’t want the cliche advice, you want the secret passageway, the shortcut, the untold master plan that will unclog the clog in your progress.

— bad news, the shortcut for progress is usually the longest route and he…

Second but about simple things: Just because something is simple, does not mean it’s easy.

Oh man I know, is this ever a heartbreak my friend… We can’t have our progress with ease and we can’t use any shortcuts??

For the most part, the answer is no… but I’m not trying to leave you out to dry here in the hot sun of desperation that I’ve just hung over your head.

I’m here to help 🙂 … or at least, I’m here to simply: try.

The answer to making progress simple to me is about little changes, little improvements, consistently, persistently, adding up.

There is this simple rule called “The 1% rule”, and this is what I’ll offer you today. If you follow this simple rule, I can pretty much guarantee you will see more progress than you ever have before in your life.

The catch? This simple rule is not easy, not one bit.

But as Epicurus once said:


The greater the difficulty, the more the glory in surmounting it.



Here’s the general gist of the 1% rule:

If you are to get better by 1% on whatever it is that you’re trying to improve, over the course of 1 year. Applying this 1% rule every day, you will be 37 times better by the end of one year.

Here’s an illustration showing the compounding effects of tiny gains:


1% better each day chart by James Clear


This idea is simple in nature. It’s similar how many prolific people’s main advice is to simply do more of the thing they wish to get better at.

The best advice is simple. The biggest youtuber in the world tells anyone asking for advice and wants to be a youtuber to first make 100 videos, then come back… by that point they probably won’t need the advice anymore, especially so if they are applying something like the 1% rule and improving with every iteration.

Simple is boring, simple is hard, but simple works. If you put in effort and keep an eye on it, it’ll be hard not to see some major progress. Making this a habit isn’t all that complicated either (it’s rather simple).


Try it


Start putting the 1% rule into your life:

  • pick an area you want to improve

  • outline as many things as possible that you could do to improve 1%

  • narrow down the list to things you can do every day

  • do at least 1 of those things to help you improve every single day, set a bare minimum for daily improvement

  • if you miss a day, get back on track the next day

  • continue persistently, and consistently until you have improved your desired amount.

If you find this approach cliche, or too simple, or boring, just take note that it may be all of those things that get you where you want to be in your improvement metrics and progress.

Simple is hard, simple can be boring, this will not be easy.. So good luck my friend. Show yourself some tender love and give it a go.



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