🕺 Dancing cavemen are 3.7x happier than you

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It is a scientifically proven fact that dancing cavemen were 3.7x happier 5,000 years ago than you are now.

I’ll prove it.

And then I’ll tell you exactly how to change that.

5 millennia go, the worst thing you might ever hear about in your life is your neighbor, Bork, getting eating by a lion.

Okay, you got me. That is pretty traumatizing.

But its nothing compared to the absolute hellscape today’s news is trying to forcibly inject through your eye sockets 25 hours a day, 8 days a week.

War here! Disaster there! New variant here! New massacre there!

It never ends.

And once it’s in your head, you can’t unsee it.

With no direct, immediately relevant way to cope with the literal cumulative stresses of 8 billion humans of planet Earth… what do you do?

You stress. You worry. You feel hopeless.

That stress, worry and hopelessness has no natural outlet.

It just marinates like a soggy chicken, till you’re wondering why you mindlessly downed a half-gallon of ice cream and 7 cookies at 2am instead of sleeping.

Ok, maybe not that many cookies, but you get the idea.

See, when Bork was eaten by a lion, it was immediately relevant.

He knew, now, to walk the long way to Borkina’s house to avoid being Mufasa’s dinner.

Better yet, let’s say you personally have the pleasure of meeting a cobra on your way to the watering hole.


Natural outlet?

  • Option 1: Attack cobra

  • Option 2: Run away from cobra

  • Option 3: Soil your pants

At least 2 options are really useful outlets to that stress that actually DEAL with the problem (without becoming a cobra snack).

Within seconds, the stress is gone. You’re either at the pearly gates, or the cobra’s at the pearly gates, or you’ve put a heck of a lot of distance between you two.

Whichever happened, you’re no longer stressed about it.

So anciently, resolving stress (without dying) naturally required action. Movement. You might even say, physical activity.

Which is pretty convenient, seeing as studies show physical activity alone reduces stress.

With stress, comes cortisol (the body’s natural stress hormone).

With physical activity, cortisol regulates.

I’ve written before about walking being a more effective treatment than anti-depressants at reducing depression, but I recently found research claiming something even better!

Apparently dancing reduced depression about 3.7x better than the leading anti-depressant medication (SSRI is the term for antidepressant on this chart):



So the average caveman with an itch to get groovy would literally be 3.7x happier than the average person diagnosed with depression.


Cause they’d have the same amount of spunky moves, but 10,000x less hopelessness in their life from the news.

My college professor, Dr. Dianne Tice, taught us that you shouldn’t think about exercise as a stimulant (something that makes you feel good).

Instead, we should imagine not exercising as a depressant.

Combine excessive news consumption (known depressant) with not exercising (another known depressant), and what do you get?

It’s not joy, I can tell you that!

What is a joy?

The other day when I got to my office in the morning, shut the door, hit play on a song that made my heart happy, and threw out my dorkiest, most uncoordinated dance moves (that will never see the light of day).

Any sadness, worry, or stress I felt before were gone for 2 and a half minutes, and felt like way less of a big deal even after I was done.

So, pardon my French but… screw the news.

Dance your heart out instead.


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Try it

Next time you’re feeling sad, anxious, or even just low on energy:

  • Find a place you can let loose (alone in your room is great)

  • Turn on a song you can’t resist moving your body to (try this one)

  • Crank the volume

  • Bust a move!

What’s your favorite song to jam out to? Hit reply and let me know!



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Her: I wanna make a sock puppet.

Me: With a cardboard box???

Her: Yeah, I just need some glue!



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