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👟 Escape the materialistic mindset (feat. Michael J Boorman)

and one thing you’ll never see behind a hearse

We enjoyed a bike ride along the Spokane river with some friends this weekend in the sunshine! So good to be outside again with the warmer weather :)

For today’s Habit Example, my friend Michael is taking over!

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Hi team!

I’m Michael J Boorman of Wisdom Made Easy, and today Kody’s invited me to share a message with you. 

For those of you that don’t know me, I help 100,000 people to get wiser by sharing visuals daily.

Today I’m sharing the 1 realisation that has helped me to escape my materialistic tendencies and become truly content.

👞 If the Shoe Fits…

I haven’t bought any new footwear in over 3 years. 

It’s not because I’m particularly fond of my trainers. It’s because I don’t need new trainers. 

I have only 5 pairs of shoes, they’re all still in usable condition and they all serve a purpose. 

I’m not sharing this with you because I want you to come to grips with your shoe addiction. 

I want to encourage you to reflect on what you actually need

⚰️ The Harsh Truth…

Over the course of your lifetime, you will accumulate stuff - lots and lots of stuff.

Don’t worry - we’re all guilty of this. 

But whilst we’re collecting more and more, we fail to realise one thing:

You can’t take stuff with you.

Uhaul behind Hearse

I apologise if you find this point a bit morbid, but there’s certainly value in reflecting on death - especially when it helps inform how we should live.

Recognising that the accumulation of stuff is pointless in the grand scheme of things helps us to re-prioritise; to focus on what’s truly important.

I need to clarify that I’m not telling you to have no stuff. After all, I still have 5 pairs of shoes but only 1 set of feet, right? 

Instead, I’m encouraging you to be conscious about what you have and what you need. Do these two align?

🫂 What Even is Enough?

How do you know what you actually need? What even is enough?

Ultimately, I cannot answer this question for you because this is subjective.

But here is an important principle that has helped me in my pursuit for enough.

how to get enough

There are two ways to get enough. One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.

G. K. Chesterton

This piercing quote is something that we all have experience with.

Society tends to promote the idea of more.

More likes, more followers, more money, more success, more friends, more reps, more wins, more, more, more!

There is another way: be content with less.

It is liberating when you stop chasing more and become comfortable with less

Having less makes space for the more meaningful stuff like health, relationships, faith and more.

🪞 The Beauty of Enough

Allow me to leave you with a quote that is so powerful that I regularly recite it to myself in the mirror. 

It comes from Sahil Bloom’s feature on Ali Abdaal’s Deep Dive podcast. 

One of the last things that he leaves the listeners with is this:

beauty of enough

“Never let your quest for more distract you from the beauty of enough.”
- Sahil Bloom

Ignore the distractions of more. 

Discover the beauty of enough today. 

To watch Sahil’s full interview on Ali’s podcast, click here.


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Try it

✍️ Journal Prompts

• Are what you have and what you need the same?

• To get enough, do you strive for more or desire less?

• What does “enough” mean to you?

Consider journaling through the above questions yourself.

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Me, reading the label on handsoap: Hmm… it says to mix with 50% water.

My 5-year-old: They don’t get to decide! We get to do what we want to do!



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- Kody


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