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🇮🇹 Italian's Warning: Why You Shouldn't Live Every Day Like It's Your Last

And what to do instead

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“Live every day like your last” is crappy advice.

7 years ago at a conference I attended in San Francisco, a young Italian guy shared his story from stage.

Turns out he was diagnosed with a terminal illness as a kid. Doctors said he had only a few months to live.

So he decided to live every day like his last.

  • He partied

  • Took risks

  • Lived a crazy life

Then 10 years went by… and he was still living.

But despite all the the “fun”, he just felt empty.

He was doing everything he wanted, whenever he wanted. He wondered for a while, why did he feel so unfulfilled?

One day it hit him like a ton of bricks: He had nothing to look forward to.

He’d gotten so used to the idea that every day might be the last, he never looked forward to tomorrow, next week, next month, or especially not next year.

From then on, he made it his life purpose to find the balance between both living every day like it’s his last, and living like he’d live forever.

After a few years since that decision, he’s never been happier and his life has never been fuller..



Live in the moment, take risks, tell those you care about that you love them.

But also… set goals, have dreams, make plans, and look forward to good things to come.







Me: Did you paint your toenails?

Her: Yup! All by myself. But mommy helped me.



Thanks for reading!

- Kody



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