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🐶 Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Existential Revelation about Dogs and Life

what are the happiest creatures on earth?

My mom flew in to see my 4-year-old daughter in her first ever dance recital. Honestly, I was fully prepared for her to walk out on stage, freeze up, and forget everything. Instead, she absolutely nailed it in the most adorable way humanly possible.

Definitely a proud dad moment 🥲

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Neil deGrasse Tyson is many things:

  • Named Sexiest Astrophysicist Alive by People Magazine

  • Best-selling author

  • Doctorate degrees from 22 Universities

But he’s also… a dog lover?

In an interview with the Dropouts Podcast, he shared some existential thoughts on man’s best friend that’ll warm even the craziest cat lady’s heart.

(seriously, even if you don’t like dogs - keep reading)

You’ve heard before that every year for us is like 7 years for a dog, right?

This comes from the equation that a 14 year old dog is likely to die soon, just as most 90 year old humans would be very near death.

But have you ever realized that same math boils down to every 1 day for you is like 1 week for a dog?

For some reason the smaller time increment just hits different, and this is where Tyson takes it home:

“Everytime you come back from wherever you went, your dog is happy, and it’s jumpy, and it wants to lick you in the face.

Even if you just went to get the mail from the mailbox, they delight in your return.

If you wanna take them out on a car ride, they are the first one in the car.

They don’t care where it’s going, but they’re there.

If they only get one day for every week you’re alive, they make every day count.

Their lives have already factored in their mortality.

When I look at a dog, I use that as a reminder of how I should live every day of my life.



Step 1: Ignore how cheesy this all sounds.

Step 2: Consider how you could live with dog-like enthusiasm:

  • Run to your loved ones when they get home

  • Don’t stress so much about the details. Enjoy whatever activity you’re doing and whoever you’re with

  • Be the one who makes everyone feel like the most important person on the planet when they’re around you







Her (to her brother): “Do you want help with your buckle?”

Him: “Yeah!”

Her: “He’s just a man who wants me to do everything!”



Thanks for reading!

- Kody



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