⏳ I saved 1,460 hours by standing

“For every hour you sit, you lose two hours of your life.”

“For every hour you sit, you lose two hours of your life.”

- My wife’s chronic disease prevention textbook from college

When I heard this, I about fell out of the chair I was sitting in.


Because this is a problem for me. I work at a desk 8+ hours a day.


Meaning everyday, I’m losing 16 hours of my life.


80 hours a week.


4,160 hours a year.


At this rate, I’ll have lost 166,400 hours by the time I retire. (Aka 19 YEARS)


From sitting.


And it's not just me.

Here's how much time most people spend sitting every day, compared to standing or sleeping:

So let’s pretend you and I decided to stand instead of sit.

What could we do with 19 more years on our life?


  • Have a career

  • Watch grandkids grow

  • Travel the world

  • Start and grow that business

  • Finally learn to play piano

  • insert that thing you’ve always wanted to do but don’t have the time for now

I’m not about throwing away 19 years of my life, so I decided to quit sitting…


I got a standing desk.


First day, I only made it an hour before I had to sit down.


  • after an hour break or so, I’d stand again

  • I’d go as long as I could,

  • then sit.


I did that every day.


Until two weeks later I finished a day of work and it hit me: I had just survived 8 hours without sitting.


It’s now been a year of doing this pretty much every day.


Not gonna lie, I don’t stand all day every day.


But by now I’ve stood 2,080 hours and saved 4,160 on my life.


(Or nearly 6 months)


For reference, My wife and I started dating, got married, and went on our honeymoon in less time than that.


So 6 months is no joke!


And neither is your health.

Lots of researchers say you should shoot for two more hours of standing per day than you’re doing now.

So get a standing desk, or don’t. At least consider standing a little more often than you sit.


Your grandkids will thank you.

Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.

Abraham Lincoln

me: “Hey can you go grab my water bottle?

her: “well, I can’t… I’m too strong…”