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  • 🎨 What do Coolio, Picasso, and Barbara Cartland have in common?

🎨 What do Coolio, Picasso, and Barbara Cartland have in common?

and some mind-blowing numbers

It’s almost incomprehensible to think Pablo Picasso created an estimated 50,000 works of art in his lifetime.

But doesn’t 2 per day sound a lot more reasonable?

That’s basically what he did!

Now consider how insane it is that Barbara Cartland published 723 novels in her lifetime (and that after she died, her son published another 180 she’d written!)

How does someone write over 900 books in 98 years of life?

By writing about 10 pages per day. (Not counting the time she wrote 23 novels in a single year)

And whether you like rap or not, you gotta respect Coolio’s journey.

Apparently he wrote lyrics every single day for 17 years before landing his first hit single, Gangsta’s Paradise.

(all while working as a volunteer firefighter and security officer at LAX airport)

”Wow, Kody. You found some people who did stuff with big numbers. So what?”

Most sane humans want to do something meaningful before they die.

Those same humans just don’t want to do it today.

What do I mean?

You probably are putting off a gut feeling telling you to slightly adjust your direction in life.

It’s easy to think that when “the time is right”, you’ll just whip together that talent and skill, quickly succeed, and live happily ever after.

Reality check: meaningful achievements take years of tiny efforts accumulated day, by day, by day.

Stop trying to plan a procrastinated and unattainable shortcut to success.

While waiting for “the right time” to start may result in having:

  • more money

  • more connections

  • or more opportunities

…when you finally do decide it’s time, none of those things can buy back years worth of practice and preparation you’ve already lost.

Turn whatever you think you wanna do “one day” into a tiny thing you can start doing today.

Think about something you want to be remembered for after you die.

What tiny thing could you do every day, that could add up to you becoming that kind of person or accomplishing that big goal?

Whether it’s:

  • reading 3 paragraphs,

  • doing 3 push ups,

  • writing for 3 minutes,

  • or doing 3 acts of service,

…pick something stupid-simple that almost can’t fail. (It all adds up)

Plan when and where you’ll do it each day, then start today - NOT tomorrow.

Then go read Reinvent Yourself by James Altucher, where I got the ideas for today’s habit example.

Her: did my eye fall out?

Me: no, it’s still there

Her: are you sure? I really think it fell out!

Thanks for reading!

- Kody

P.S. If you can think of any song more thought provoking than this one, lemme know.