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  • 🌊 What do astronomical tidal bores have to do with building habits?

🌊 What do astronomical tidal bores have to do with building habits?

and defying human nature

What in the actual heck is a tidal bore?

And what on earth does it have to do with building indestructible habits?

During a global conference last weekend, religious leader Dale G. Renlund used the concept of "tidal bores" to explain core principles of spirituality.

But I instantly saw how it also explains habits just perfectly.

Twice a year when the sun, earth, and moon align, something about the collaborative gravitational pull causes a massive tidal wave to go upstream in the Amazon river.

Yup - against the current in the world's most powerful and second largest river.

What seems like the laws of nature being broken, is actually just the orchestral beauty of even greater laws of nature taking their course.

Just like water normally flows along the path of least resistance, so do humans.

We tend toward:

  • laziness

  • complacency

  • ease

Which means building habits is hard.

There's nothing lazy, complacent, or easy about:

  • waking up early

  • studying daily

  • eating healthy

  • exercising

  • serving others

You get the idea.

So how do you build a tidal habit?

Make the sun, earth and moon align!

(metaphorically, of course)

  1. When you have a solid "why" (or "who")...

  2. When you have almost-intimidating accountability with someone you respect...

  3. When you can make your habit so stupid-easy it's almost impossible to miss in a day...

You'll have created a tidal habit:

One that defies the typical laws of human nature, reversing the course of your life into a much more rewarding direction.


You'll probably overlook this advice, struggle for another couple months, then come back asking why you still can't stick to that new habit...

...so save yourself a couple months and just do this:

  1. Spend 15 mins journaling about why you really want to build this habit. Some say it helps to think at least 6 "why"s deep. For example, if your first answer is "because I want to be smarter", follow up with WHY you want to be smarter, and so on.

  2. Find someone you know who wants to build the same habit. You may need to ask around, or even find someone online. Setup a system you'll both follow for checking in about it. If they live close, consider doing the habit together at least a once a week.

  3. Make your habit so stupid-easy a caveman could do it. Seriously, whatever you think is the "simple" version of your habit, make it even simpler. No habit is too small if you've yet to do it consistently.


Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change.

Arthur Burt

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daugher: I wanna bra!

wife: broth, honey... not bra 🤣

Thanks for reading!

- Kody

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